One year…

It’s been exactly a year since Spain won the 2010 World Cup…but it feels like it was so recent…

Ahh the memories!

Also, I sort of forgot about my blog here, but I do have a good excuse, I have been away at school. I only just returned because I got an email about comments. I shall try to revive it when I get home…

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Alvaro Morata’s girlfriend.

I promised I would post a picture when I found it and I have.

His girlfriend is Inez Anoz. And she seems to be a model. *sigh* Why couldn’t she have been just a normal high school girl? I would have liked that so much better

More pictures here

He has also tweeted pictures of her on his Twitter.

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Happy Birthday to the Niño who’s not really a niño anymore…

Happy Belated birthday to Fernando Torres! (Yes, you get your birthday wishes a day late for what you did to Liverpool)

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Another one off the market…

While looking for a video one day about Real Madrid Castilla, I stumbled upon this video.

It appears that our dear Pablo Sarabia has a girlfriend! This video seems to be a video his girlfriend made for him when he turned 18…they are a very cute couple, no? At first I wasn’t sure if it was real, but the pictures seem real enough…I wonder if he is still with her?

(she’s a lucky girl!)

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Because pretty pictures should not be hidden

On Monday, Alvaro Morata was interviewed by Real Madrid TV for his prominence on Castilla. Last Sunday, he scored three goals against Deportivo B.

Here is the English version and here is the Spanish Version (The Spanish one is longer and you get to hear his adorably mumbly voice, but the English one is for you to actually get what he’s saying, and see him get made up for the camera) The videos are slightly different so if you want to see more of him (like me) you can watch both.

This post was mainly because I wanted to post the extremely adorable pictures that came as a result of this interview.

There are even more if you click on the tab under the video that says Fotos (on the Spanish one) or Pics (the English one). The ones under the Spanish tab have more pictures, though, for some odd reason. Anyway, enjoy.

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another reason why he’s my favorite (via following Real Madrid…)

Like Una, I really adore this kid and I think with these characteristics he’ll go far in life :)

another reason why he's my favorite I really, really, really adore this boy. Daniel Arias, Álvaro Morata's coach in the 2007-08 season with Getafe's Cadete A team, told this week's issue of Don Balón magazine the following: Even though he's from a well-off family, he was as humble a boy as you could find, an ideal player to build a group around.  As a substitute, he would celebrate the goals of the other forward from the bench. The most unforgettable memory I have of Álvaro is him … Read More

via following Real Madrid…

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