Alvaro Morata Martín: Rising Star?

Alvaro Morata is a striker for Real Madrid Castilla,  the “B” team of Real Madrid. Several players currently on RM’s first team were promoted from there, including Iker Casillas. Morata was one of five “canteranos” (as Castilla players are called) that got to go with the first team to play against Club America just a little while ago.

Jose Mourinho wanted to sign a striker during the winter transfer window, but was told by the club that he should depend on Castilla. Morata was one of the suggestions.

I personally think they should promote him because he is amazing. I could go into all the goals that he’s scored and all the statistics, but that kind of stuff tends to be really boring, so suffice to say : He’s good.

And of course adorable. No, I’m not biased at all.

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